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One of the top questions I receive is “What drugstore products do you recommend?” And trust me, I understand the price struggle, but they are simply not as effective. Say no to gimmicky and cheap ingredients that are just not as concentrated or formulated like these professional products. Stop taking advice from Youtubers and influencers on what MIGHT be working on them; they are not skincare experts. After years of different drugstore and professional skincare products I have used and looked into, I want to share a few that I love. I picked these brands because they are anti-inflammatory, vegan, natural, non-toxic, and give results!


About Skin Chick’s Shop

How I Got Here
Skincare is my passion! I have been a licensed esthetician since May of 2013. In the last 7 years I have treated a wide range of skin types from dry, to oily,  to acne prone, and sensitive skin, all on different age groups. After studying a broad variety of skincare brands, I'm ready to share high quality products I recommend that deliver results. Now that I'm a mom, managing my own schedule from home, this is a much more feasible way to continue doing what I love. 

My mission is for my clients and followers to easily access good quality skincare. I want everyone to have a chance at treating their skin from the comfort of their home and achieve their skin goals!


Take your savings to the next level by shopping at this online store. Browse and see what fits your needs knowing what a licensed professional approves

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