Antibacterial Toner

Antibacterial Toner

High preformance mist that combines the curative powers of colloidal silver with soothing properties of lavender to keep your skinhealthy and radiant. Suitable for all skin types and personal hygiene as skin suffering from blemishes, cuts and burns. 

  • Helps to:

    • To heal and soothe your skin
    • Heal and soothe acne-prone skin or skin suffering from cuts or burns
    • Maintain personal hygiene
    • Reduce inflammation associated with acne, cuts, burns, sun or environmental damage
    • Minimize irritations after waxing
  • Ingredient functions and benefits

    • Colloidal Silver helps to minimizes bacterial contamination and helps heal skin abrasions and burns.
    • Lavender is an aromatic miracle worker heals skin, helps to reduce inflammation and helps to minimizes acne and other skin conditions.
  • How to use

    Mist all over face and neck after daily cleansing, or mist as needed to hydrate and revive skin during the day.

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