Facial Day Lotion

Facial Day Lotion

Spf 15. Balancing, lightweight moisturizer that provides daily protection for your skin utilizing a powerful hydrating blend of plant stem cells, antioxidants and botanicals. It helps reduce the signs of aging. Nuetralizes free radical damage and minimize inflammation.

  • Helps to:

    • Renew and rebuild cells leading to younger looking skin
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
    • Minimize inflammation, thereby minimizing DNA damage and premature aging
    • Combat free radical damage by harmful UV rays
  • Ingredient functions and benefits

    • Green tea, chrysanthemum, turmeric concentrate, oats and volcanic sea plant Alteromonas macleodii helps to combat free radical damage caused by the sun and helps to minimize inflammation.
    • Grape stem cells(Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract) renew damaged skin cells to give a younger looking skin.
    • Titanium oxide pigments form a barrier against the harmful effects of UV stress, responsible for 80% of skin aging.
    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) holds 1000 times its weight in water like a wet blanket helps to intensely hydrate the skin.
      • It also helps to minimize dryness
      • Helps in the penetration of antioxidants and keeps it looking hydrated and fresh
    • Turmeric an ancient Indian spice, provides non-chemical UV protection and delivers a natural, golden glow to the skin. In concentrated form, Turmeric helps to minimize dangerous free radical damage to the skin.
    • Plant Peptides to help rebuild the skin.
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